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3M Sorbents

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Sorbent pioneers 3M pioneered the development of synthetic sorbents while leveraging one of our core technologies. Our sorbents contain no abrasive granules that can damage expensive equipment. Instead, they are made from microfiber materials, which contain millions of tiny pockets that absorb and hold liquids. Choose from petroleum (oil-only), maintenance (for non-aggressive liquids), and chemical (for most aggressive and non-aggressive liquids) formats.

Now more options
3M™ Sorbents are available in high capacity, medium capacity and traditional absorbency so you can select the right product for the size of your potential spill. These pads and rolls can be wrung out and reused many times with virtually no loss in absorbency. And we complement our rolls and pads with booms, mini-booms, pillows, drum covers, spill kits and response packs for use with many types of spills and tasks.

Our high and medium capacity sorbents are lightweight to reduce the volume of waste going into landfill. And 3M™ Sorbents may be incinerated with very low ash residue. High capacity sorbents contain at least 25 percent recycled content by weight. Medium capacity sorbents contain at least 50 percent recycled content by weight.

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