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3M Lane Marking

Technical Data

What's New?
The This new kit includes 8 rolls of our premium vinyl tape (471, 5700, 5702) in a variety of colors. Each of the tape colors represent a set of fundamental floor marking color codes for organizing a plant using the 5S visual management system. Our new kit helps our customers get started with 5S.

What is the 5S Visual Management System?
5S is a system, similar to Lean Six Sigma, that helps a plant reduce waste and increase overall productivity. As part of 5S, colored tapes are used for floor marking, color-coding and labeling throughout a plant.

Why it is important for users?
5S is popular in many parts of the world. And every company that uses the 5S system needs tape and in most of the cases for clear identification, marking & demarcation. This 5S Kit would help customer to always find the right marking tape available with them ensuring them to flag the area or part of warehouse with right color indicator.

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