Product Details

3M Extreme Sealing Tape

Technical Data

From rain gutters to flashing and vents, from rooftops to underground cable enclosures – 3M Extreme Sealing tapes ensure a quick and robust bond. With a durable sealing that withstands harsh environmental conditions, the 3M Extreme Sealing tapes are ideal for parapet walls, trailer home roofs, metal buildings, vent stacks and windows, gutters, downspouts and much more.

Product Features
Bonds to many metals and plastics without drying time, dripping, oozing and require no clean-up
No sticky mess
Fastens to contours, edges, rivets and screw heads for a water tight seal with ease
No caulking guns and empty cartridges
Easy to paint and color blends to the adjoining surfaces
Aesthetically precise and neat
Withstands harsh environmental conditions - sun, rain, snow, temperature extremes and abrasion
Flexibility allows for enduring vibration and thermal expansion/contraction
No cracks or crumbles

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