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3M Aerosol Adhesive Spray

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Solutions that start with you.
Choosing the right 3M™ SprayAdhesives starts with you: your processes, your objectives, your bonding challenges. Then the 3M team of adhesive experts goes to work to find the best products to help maximize your product performance,increaseyourefficiency, streamlineyour assembly productivity and meet your sustainability goals.

Performance: Find the right adhesive

Choosing the right adhesive for your assembly begins with asking the right questions:
• What kinds ofmaterialsareyou bonding?
• How large are the materials?
• Whatspecificadhesiveattributesare you lookingfor?
• Do you need time to reposition after adhesion?
• Whatissuesareyouhaving,ifany,withyour current products?
• Whatarethe environmental,healthandsafetyfactors?

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